Transferring Ownership of Contacts and Candidates

We’ve fixed an issue with the Record Ownership Transfer feature on the user account page related to the transfer of ownership for secondary owners on contacts and candidates. Previously, the Records dropdown was not counting secondary ownership in the record count despite the fact that the ownership was being transferred. Also, the transferred records for secondary owners were not showing up on the individual list views, making it appear as if the transfer did not occur.

With the resolution of this issue, the Records dropdown now displays a total count of records where the user is either the primary or secondary owner when it comes to contacts and candidates, and the individual list views are being updated appropriately. Note that for jobs, the record count only includes jobs where the user is the primary owner (e.g., the salesperson) because secondary owners (referred to as assignees; e.g., one or more recruiters) do not transfer ownership when it comes to jobs.

Finally, a hint has been added beneath the Transfer Ownership To drop-down to clarify what is happening with the transfer of contacts, candidates, and jobs.