Adjustment Workflow

Billable and Payable Charges: Systematically Track and Display Adjustment and Rebill Fields

Bullhorn One users can now quickly find any Billable or Payable Charges that contain adjustments using the new “Has Adjustments” feature. As adjustment transactions are made, the affected Billable and Payable charges are updated with an adjustment status of “Yes.” This allows users to filter by charges that contain adjustments for easier visibility before taking action on the charges. Additionally, users can now find Billable Charges that contain Rebill transactions using the new “Has Rebill” field. When Billable Charges are credited and reinstated, the Has Rebill status will be updated with a status of “Yes.” Use this field in conjunction with the Ready to Bill status to quickly find any Billable Charges that need to be rebilled. These fields are available on the Billable and Payable charge list screens and can be managed in your corporations Field Map settings.

Enabled by Default