ATS Resolved Issues

Credentialing: Editing Non-sensitive Credential File Types with the “Edit Certification File Attachment” Entitlement

Users with the “Edit Certification File Attachment” entitlement can now edit non-sensitive Credential File types. Previously, this functionality was not working when the user also had the “Preview Sensitive Certification File Attachment” entitlement disabled.

International Support: Special Characters in the “Name” Field

You can now make use of accented letters to name custom layouts properly. Previously, special characters were not saved for Custom Cards, Menu Actions, or List Buttons on any entity.

Parser: Parsing CVs Omits Apostrophes from Candidate Work History

Parsing CVs now includes apostrophes in the Candidate Work History. Previously, apostrophes were dropped in the Company Name and Job Title fields on the Work History tab after a resume had been parsed using the automatic resume parser Sovren version 10. 

Admin: User Login Auditing Reliability

You can now view reliable user login activity within the Admin > Users > User page as all sessions are accurately logged. Previously, some successful logins were not logged and additional user activity was incorrectly flagged as suspicious.

Notes: Notes Created from Emails Had Broken Links

An issue was resolved where editing Notes generated from emails in Bullhorn was stripping the link to the email upon saving.

Placement Commissions: Default Commissions Values 

The values for the System Settings variables ‘commissionRoleRecruiting’ and ‘commissionRoleSales’ are now respected. These variables allow you to define the default role title for the Recruiting and Sales commission recipients. Previously, the values for the variables were ignored and default values ‘Recruiting’ and ‘Sales’ were used.