Auto-Add Applicant to Onboarding Talent Edition Integration

We have built a new multi-function automation step that enables our Bullhorn Onboarding Talent Edition (BOTE) customers automate their workflows to add records into BOTE and then also generate workflows to those applicants. When the step is enabled, clients have the ability to auto add applicants to BOTE via the ATS from Placement, Submission and Candidate based automations. They can also choose to generate workflows via BOTE as a quick follow on action within the same step. This unlocks a lot of value for those clients who are bogged down by the manual efforts of adding applicants to BOTE and then manually sending individual workflows that are standardized for the majority of their placements. When this step is enabled on a Placement based automation, we are also going to associate that workflow with the associated Placement within BOTE. This helps ensure that all workflows for Applicants align with their Placements.