Bullhorn One + PrismHR Payroll Integration GA

The Bullhorn + PrismHR payroll integration is generally available as of October 8, 2020. 

This integration includes the ability to:

  • Hire candidates into Prism via Placements in the Bullhorn ATS. The information includes:
    • Candidates name, address, and email address
    • Payroll-specific data for W2 employees
    • Employee status and date of hire
  • Send the Prism Employee ID and Sync Status to Bullhorn once a candidate has been hired in Prism successfully.
  • Export Payable Charges from Bullhorn directly to Prism for processing without exporting and importing a pay file. Upon exporting Payable Charges:
    • Payroll administrators can run payroll in PrismHR
    • Prism updates Payable Charges in Bullhorn with Prism Payroll Batch IDs when they are updated successfully.
  • Resolve errors that may occur with exporting time to Prism, hiring candidates in Prism from Bullhorn, or Prism picking up changes to data updated in Bullhorn via an Issue List in Bullhorn.
  • Process changes to a candidate’s home address in Prism when they are made in Bullhorn’s candidate record.