Compliance Manager

Create Auto-Match Feature

What’s new?

Auto-Match automatically shows when credentials match a requirement. As a Compliance Specialist, you no longer need to manually match a Placement Certification with a Candidate’s Certification and instead, you can see auto-matches when applicable. This saves you time and effort managing many requirements for a candidate to start and remain working in a Placement.

When you save or edit a Placement Credential, you can see matches in the Compliance Manager Requirements list, the Placement Credential table on the Placement record, and the Placement Credential table on the Candidate record. After an auto-match occurs, you can make changes by selecting the Actions menu to either edit, delete the Certification Requirement, or remove the linked credential.

Note: Compliance Manager only matches credentials that are not expiring in the next 30 days after the Placement start date.

Why does it matter?

The enhancement to the credentialing workflow reduces the burden of manually matching credentials at each stage of the onboarding process and redeployment process. Using Auto-Match allows you to improve the speed to clear candidates and provide a stronger candidate experience by removing the request for duplicate credentials that already exist.

How do I enable this?

The feature is available by default. For a Credential to be able to be auto-matched, the Credential itself needs to have the following setup performed by a Client Admin:

  • Credential Field Map: Credential isTransferable = TRUE
  • Credentials Page Setting: Credential Transferable Status = YES