UI Updates

What’s new?

The Token Limit is no longer a required field on the Copilot Admin page because this information is no longer required to enable Copilot.

We’ve also made the following changes to the Copilot Generative Candidate Card:

  • The “Humorous” option under the Change Tone drop-down has been removed because the prompt has proven to be ineffective in recruiter workflows and doesn’t provide business value.
  • The “Improve a Message” prompt has been removed because this prompt wasn’t providing accurate responses based on the data we were passing to the LLM. We are looking into potentially extending this functionality elsewhere in the application, where it would better apply to recruitment messaging workflows.
  • The “Pitch [Candidate] To __” prompt has been renamed to “Pitch [Job] to [Candidate]” to more accurately describe what this prompt does.
    • Note: Only the name has changed. The same prompt will still be sent to the LLM.

Why does it matter?

We’ve made these changes to best service our customers’ adoption of the Copilot Generative Candidate Card and improve ease of use and confidence in the tool.

How do I enable this?

These feature enhancements do not require enablement and will be automatically applied for all clients with the Copilot Generative Candidate Card. Speak to your Account Manager to learn more about enabling Copilot.