Update Navigational Menu Under the Onboarding Tab

What’s new?

The Onboarding Dashboard has been simplified to provide the majority of relevant information in one location. The following tabs were removed from the Onboarding section of the menu:

  • Active eDocs
  • Signed eDocs
  • Expired Requests
  • Deleted Requests

The Onboarding Dashboard’s tiles at the top can now be clicked to access the information that was previously found on these tabs and filter the table according to your selection.

Updated Navigational Menu Under the Onboarding Tab

Why does it matter?

With this modification, clients can now interact with high-level views and navigate onboarding workflows simply and intuitively.

How do I enable this?

Enabled by default.

Released to Staging: May 2, 2024

Targeted for Production Release: May 9, 2024