Email – Compliance

1-Click Unsubscribe to Available in Emails sent on Behalf of Customers

Bullhorn has added support for new Google and Yahoo regulations to ensure that emails sent on behalf of customers by Bullhorn Automation are not limited, blocked, or marked as spam by these email providers. This enhancement ensures that emails from Bullhorn Automation are less likely to be flagged as spam while allowing recipients an easier way to unsubscribe. Providing recipients with a straightforward way to unsubscribe can improve open rates, click-through rates, and sending efficiency.

Candidates receiving an email from Bullhorn Automation can now use the Unsubscribe link in the header beside the From email address. After they click this link, they will be unsubscribed from further emails through Bullhorn Automation.

Note: This change applies to candidates using a Gmail or Yahoo client. For candidates using iOS, the Unsubscribe link will not appear in the header since these URLs are not supported by iOS. Those candidates can still unsubscribe through the link in the footer.