Fields From Indiana’s Tax Forms Sync

Issues were resolved with forms WH-4 and WH-4MIL for the state of Indiana. Previously, when clients had the feature enabled that flows back state tax information from Onboarding 365 to Bullhorn (PLA/System Setting ‘onboarding365StateTaxInfoFlowback’), the fields: “Qualifying Dependents Exemption”, “You are 65 or older”, “You are blind”, “Spouse 65 or older”, and “Spouse is blind” from form WH-4 and the field “Spouse’s Social Security Number” from form WH-4MIL did not populate in Bullhorn’s State Tax Modal. Now, all values inputted in Onboarding365 for the aforementioned fields on WH-4 and WH-4MIL populate in the State Tax Modal in Bullhorn.