Introduced New ‘Form I-9 Section 1 Review’ Workflow

A new ‘Form I-9 Section 1 Review’ workflow has been introduced for the Form I-9 document that
when enabled, requires a Form I-9 certifier to first confirm or reject Form I-9 Section 1 prior to
completing Section 2.

If a Form I-9 Section 1 is rejected, a new Form I-9 will automatically be assigned to the onboarding
and the rejected Form I-9 Section 1 will be removed from the onboarding (but still accessible via the
View Deleted option in the Options menu).

The ‘Form I-9 Section 1 Review’ setting can be enabled by navigating to the “Advanced” tab of the
Form I-9 document in Document Management, and selecting this option.

Note: If your agency currently has the ‘Automated I-9’ setting set to ‘ON’, it is recommended that this
feature not be turned on at this time.