Medical Parsing

B4Health Medical Mapping Review 

What’s new?

Medical parsing logic has been updated for all VMS Positions that support medical parsing.

New medical types include:

  • Receptionist
  • Cytogenetic Technologist

Keywords are used to derive Medical Type and Specialty values from VMS Position details. New keywords include:

Keyword Specialty
Cath Technologist Catheterization Laboratory
Cytogenetic Laboratory
Neurophysiology Neurology
CNA Clin Tech Certified Nursing Assistant

Priority is how Sync decides which Medical Type and Specialty values to assign to a VMS Position. Priority has been re-ranked as follows:

Specialty Description
Cardiovascular Ranked much higher in priority
Ultrasound Ranked lower than Cardiovascular


Type Description
Technologist Ranked as lowest priority (most generic)

Why does it matter?

VMS Sync assigns a Medical Type and Specialty value to all Healthcare Positions to better categorize the type of work a vendor is requesting.

Medical Type and Specialty values are displayed on the Skill Mapping Dashboard for users to manually associate with ATS field values. This enables users to enforce a specialization-specific Position categorization workflow and ensures unmapped positions aren’t delivered to the ATS until a user has intentionally created a link.

How do I enable this?

Generally Available: No permission changes are required for this update. Healthcare users are encouraged to regularly review their Skill Mapping Dashboard and ensure their links are up-to-date.

Released to Production: March 2024