Onboarding Talent Edition Resolved Issues

Bullhorn Integration: Existing Job Postings Deleted/Unpublished in ATS

Job synchronization with Bullhorn has been enhanced ensuring more accurate handling of updates and reducing the risk of missed changes or orphaned records.

E-verify: Values Sent to Crimcheck

Data from an Employment Authorized Document (Form I-766) accurately flows to Crimcheck and creates an E-Verify case. Previously, the data was not being sent correctly and an E-Verify was not created.

I-9: Dashboard 2.0 Latency

Minor changes were made to improve the load time of the I-9 Dashboard 2.0.

I-9: Section 2 – Update Button Texts on Document Capture

In Section 2, the button for document uploads now accurately displays the Capture and Choose File buttons. Previously, this showed Retake instead of the Capture and Choose File buttons in certain conditions.

Preliminary Information: Applicant Portal Displays Country Code

An issue was resolved for phone number field validation when completing multiple forms on the Preliminary Info page for clients who have the Disable International Phone Numbers setting enabled. Previously, when the Disable International Phone Numbers setting was enabled a confusing error would appear when validating the phone number field.