Onboarding365 Resolved Issues

Bullhorn Integration: New ATS Users Syncing to ONB365 

New users will automatically sync from Bullhorn ATS to Onboarding365 during user creation in both the admin and App interfaces. Previously, an issue caused users to not automatically sync from the ATS.

Email: Default Email Template for Noncorporate Brand and Default Language

Email templates now use the noncorporate brand when assigned. Previously, some email templates that were set to the default language (English (United States)) but assigned to a noncorporate brand, incorrectly used the corporate brand template.

I-9: Section 1 After the Section 2 is Certified

An issue was resolved where sporadic deletion of the Form I-9 Section 1 after Section 2 certification was happening. 

Preview: Signatures Missing from all Documents

The signatures now appear as expected in the Preview environment. Previously, an issue caused signatures to be missing for all documents, affecting standard and custom documents.