Fieldglass Medical Parsing Updates

What’s new?

VMS Sync now parses medical keywords from the Category field of Fieldglass VMS Positions. The Title is prioritized above the Category as it typically contains the most medical keywords. Medical parsing logic has been updated for all VMS Positions that support medical parsing. 

Keywords are used to derive Medical Type and Specialty values from VMS Position details. The following keywords have changed:

Keyword Specialty
Echo Sonographer Cardiovascular

Priority is how Sync decides which Medical Type and Specialty values to assign to a VMS Position. Changes include:

Specialty Description
Home Health Ranked above Clinic
Laboratory Ranked lower

Why does it matter?

VMS-specific medical parsing logic is how Sync determines which fields contain the most Keywords and in which order these fields should be parsed. This lets Sync accurately assign a Medical Type and Specialty value to a Position.

VMS Sync assigns a Medical Type and Specialty value to all Healthcare Positions to better categorize the type of work a vendor is requesting.

Medical Type and Specialty values are displayed on the Skill Mapping Dashboard for users to manually associate with ATS field values. This enables users to enforce a specialization-specific Position categorization workflow and ensures unmapped positions aren’t delivered to the ATS until a user has intentionally created a link.

How do I enable this?

Generally Available: No permission changes are required for this update. Healthcare users are encouraged to regularly review their Skill Mapping Dashboard and ensure their links are up-to-date.