Resolved Issues

Released to Staging: May 2, 2024

Targeted for Production Release: May 9, 2024

Bullhorn Integration: Edocs Complete Notes Show the Wrong Completed Documents when Multiple Onboarding Requests are Sent to an Applicant

We resolved an issue with the Bullhorn integration that resulted in notes made from opening or finishing eDocs not always including the correct document in the note’s body when the applicant received multiple packages. The appropriate documents will now be included in the note’s body in Bullhorn for the action that was performed.

Files: Onboarding Files Not Aligned with File Name

An issue was resolved with File Upload Forms that also have a File Upload field. Previously when these were viewed in the applicant’s profile, the preview sometimes did not display the correct document. Now the preview will show the correct document.

Forms: Multi-Select Input Form Field Validation Not Respecting “Required”

We corrected an issue with forms where required requestor fields of the “checkbox group” type were not being honored. Forms with this type of field marked as required will now not be allowed to be sent unless a value has been selected.

I-9: Perm. Resident (Form I-551) with I-797 Displaying Incorrect Document Capture Example

The example image displayed during the I-9 Section 2 document capture has been updated to accurately reflect a Permanent Resident Card (Form I-551). This change improves clarity for the users and will reduce errors when uploading.

Internationalization: Country Code Appears for Quick Add Despite Being Disabled in Settings

An issue with the Mobile Phone field in Quick Add was resolved. For a better user experience, this field will now honor the Disable International Phone Numbers setting.

Placements: Bullhorn Integration

The syncing feature in Talent Platform has been enhanced by separating placement syncing from credential automation. This allows for uninterrupted access to updated data.

Preliminary Information: Birth Date Format in Candidate Portal Error

An issue with the preferred date format of Canada (DD/MM/YYYY) not being respected in the Candidate portal has been resolved and will now show up as expected.

Preliminary Information: Birth Date Format in Candidate Portal Error