Resolved Issues

Field Parsing: SimplifyVMS (gulfstream)

VMS Sync now parses Total Openings and Supervisor Full Name for SimplifyVMS (gulfstream) VMS Positions. Parsing all available fields from the VMS increases data accuracy and reduces end-user manual entry and product swivel.

Positions (Magnit Rightsourcing): Incorrect Position Type/Per Diem values

VMS Sync has resolved an issue with Magnit Rightsourcing field parsing. Previously, Position Type displayed as “Privacy Security | Browser Requirements”, and Per Diem was set to “true” due to End Date being earlier than Start Date. Both values are now parsing as expected.

Position Type and Per Diem values are used to determine Bullhorn Job track, which impacts field labels, values, and requirements available on the ATS Job. Parsing accurate values is crucial to correct categorization and quick req delivery, as many customers have rules that ignore Per Diem reqs for delivery.

Skill Mapping: Linked Skill No Longer Redirects to Unlinked Tab

An issue with redirects on the Skill Mapping dashboard has been resolved. Previously, when a user clicked on a Skill Mapping link from the Position Details page, clicking anywhere on the Linked Skills page redirected the user to the Unlinked Skills tab. Users can now click anywhere on the Linked Skills page and remain on the page.

The Linked Skills page allows end-users to quickly confirm which ATS values are associated with a Medical Type/Specialty combination and if necessary, unlink to correct for future Position transactions. All Skill Mapping users can review this update by clicking a Skill Mapping link found on the Position Details page. 

Submittals: Beeline Default Pay Rate

An issue has been resolved where an incorrect default Pay Rate was auto-populating on Ametek Beeline Submittals. VMS Sync now uses more specific logic to retrieve the default Pay Rate value and display the correct value on the Submit to VMS form.

Field auto-population saves end-users time on manual entry and ensures data is accurate before submitting a candidate to the VMS. This update will automatically reflect on all Ametek Beeline Submittals.