Resolved Issues

Released to Preview: April 2, 2024
Targeted for Test & Production Release: April 15, 2024

Candidate Experience: Area Code 369 is Valid 

Candidates can now enter the California area code 369 for phone number validation. This area code was added in California in 2023 but was not recognized as valid in Onboarding365 before this release.

Compliance: Compliance Representative Adding Data Views Reports

The Compliance Representative role has been corrected to grant access to the full range of reports as specified. This resolves the issue where only a limited set of reports were available.

Data View: Data View Export Shows Ethnic Background

An issue in the Paycom Data View Export was resolved where the “Ethnic Background” column displayed a blank cell instead of the expected “H” for the “Hispanic or Latino” entry (EqualOpportunityTypeId: 1).

Document Management: WebFormDesigner Asterisk on Checkbox

An issue was resolved in document management where the asterisk symbol indicating a required field was missing for checkbox fields in the “Web Form Designer” when creating PDF or Video WebForms in new documents.

Records: Content Record Deleted if a ContentImage Record Links

The issue where Content records linked to a ContentImage via the “Link to Internal Page” dropdown couldn’t be deleted has been resolved. Users can now delete Content records without encountering errors.

Tax Forms 2024: Withholding Tax for Mississippi

The Mississippi state withholding form (89-350) has been updated for 2024. This update now enforces completion of the “_Amount claimed by you_” field if a candidate selects “_Spouse IS employed_”.

Tax Forms 2024: Montana State Withholding Form

An issue was resolved where values entered on the Web UI during the completion of the 2024 Montana Withholding form were not appearing on the mapped form.

Tax Forms 2024: Exempt Tax for W-4

An issue was resolved where selecting Exempt on a Form W-4 webform in Utah, New Mexico, or North Dakota incorrectly removed the chosen filing status, causing inconsistent database entries.

Tax Forms 2024: NC-4EZ Exempt Flowing Data Through

An issue that prevented withholding data from being cleared upon marking an Exempt checkbox has been resolved. This resulted in conflicting data saving to the candidate record and persisting to ATS.