Resolved Issues

Targeted for Preview Release: April 22, 2024

Candidate Experience: Mobile Tax Withholding North Carolina

An issue was resolved on the mobile version of the Tax Withholding North Carolina form. In the past, this affected the NC-4EZ and NC-NRA tabs, where the checkboxes weren’t showing up correctly in some situations.

On Form NC-4EZ, the alignment issue between a checkbox and its corresponding text was also resolved. With exemption declarations and checkboxes, users can now anticipate a smoother experience.

Integration: Avionte Integration Onboarding Documents Export

An issue was resolved with the integration with Avionte where the zipped folder containing onboarding documents wasn’t exported to Egnyte after the 2024.4 release. This fix will ensure successful export alongside the text file.

Internationalization: Desktop/Mobile Profile Extension 

An issue was resolved where candidates in Ireland (IE) and the United Kingdom (UK) were not seeing starting and ending pay rates displayed in the correct currency.