VMS Sync

Shiftrock VMS | Shift-Rate Lookup

VMS Sync now uses Shift Type to assign Bill Rate Max (and Bill Rate Min, if applicable) for Shiftrock VMS Positions. While Shiftrock lists Shift Type on a Position, it provides rates for all Shift Types in a single table. 


To avoid having to configure dozens of rules that set ATS Bill Rate based on Shift Type, the following rate parsing logic has been added:

  1. Find Shift Type value.
    1. Ignore Rotating value (doesn’t correspond to any rates).
  2. Attempt to match Shift Type value to the end of Rate value.
    1. Use Fixed Rate values first (most common).
  3. If one Rate value is found, set Bill Rate Max to Rate value.
  4. If multiple Rate values are found:
    1. Set Bill Rate Max to high value.
    2. Set Bill Rate Min to low value.
    3. If Rate values are the same, set Bill Rate Max and Bill Rate Min to the same value.


This ensures ATS Jobs include as much data from the VMS as possible, increasing data integrity and reducing the need for end user manual updates.

Availability: This update has been automatically applied to all Shiftrock VMS Credentials.