Bullhorn for Mobile (GA)

The new Bullhorn for Mobile is now generally available! Starting Friday, June 5th, you can access Bullhorn for Mobile by navigating to https://m.bullhorn.com on your mobile device. Once you log into the app, please bookmark it on your home screen for future use. Beta URLs will automatically redirect you going forward. You can read more about Bullhorn for Mobile here. Added features include:

  • The ability to automatically detect mobile devices in the ATS platform so now if you are using a mobile device or tablet, you are automatically directed to the mobile site (users can always revert back to the full desktop site if they wish).
  • New Template Workflows: Adding a task, appointment, or client submission has been streamlined so that templates can be applied more conveniently.
  • Tasks: We have enhanced the Tasks section to allow users to view their coworkers’ tasks (with proper entitlements). We have also added the ability to add task reminders.
  • Client Submissions: Users can now add client submissions from their mobile devices (with proper entitlements).

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