SalesDuel – Tournament Recap Email

We’ve made an enhancement to SalesDuel that enables a tournament administrator to send a recap email upon completion of a tournament. The administrator can send the recap email by accessing a completed tournament and clicking the Send Full Recap Email button that appears on the resulting dialog.


When the administrator sends the email as part of a team-based tournament, the email is sent to all team owners as well as any player who is on a team (note that the email is not sent to players who did not get drafted). When the administrator sends the email as part of an individual-based tournament, the email is sent to every player who was added to the tournament, regardless of their level of participation.
The recap email includes information such as the name of the tournament, the user who won and the number of points they accrued, the user who is designated as the MVP and the statistic that earned them that designation, and the second and third runners up in the tournament. The email also includes a button that enables the reader to view the full tournament stats within SalesDuel.

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